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Importance Of Being Jagadeesh Swaminathan In Art
By Shailendra Tiwari

Jagadeesh swami nathan alias swamiji as we use to call him with love was one of the unique personalities of the world and contemporary Indian art. I had an opportunity to befriend him as a young painter and later adopt him as my Guru. In April 1984 an exhibition of J. Swami Nathan's most significant works was held at Madhya Pradesh kalaparishad a state academy of fine arts at Bhopal under the able guidance of poet and art critic Ashok Vajpayee. The exhibition was reviewed by me for local news.

This was second exhibition of swamiji series of birds and mountains and it was his first exhibition at Bhopal where he created Bharat Bhawan a home for Tribal and contemporary Art.

The Swami nathan's series of painting encompassing Birds and Mountain has special significance in contemporary Art of our TIME. In its graceful presence, these painting bear an aura of Red, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, and Green figures mysteriously changing their rigid meanings which takes the spectators in buoyant journey into the experience of consciousness.

For spectators who are familiar with Swami's imagery these figures look friendly their presence reminds us of our prehistoric existence.In the cosmic consciousness when we enter through the works of swami nathan there are Birds, and Mountains, Space, there are wide open Sky and images floating some times penetrating and transforming into each other.There is something happening on the canvass and within simultaneously. Simultaneously there are images dissolving, transforming and transporting you to a field where figures are struggling to liberate sometimes from the boundaries of Space and sometime crossing the barrier of Time.Sometimes they merge into each other. The mystery of these images is rooted in age old unpolluted simplicity of human consciousness. The meaning and its evolution in our thought process is result of two contrasting processes, which have contrasting aims. One is the process of perception and other is process ofprehension. Process of perception attempts to abstract the particular from the universal and this process enables one to individuate itself. Individuation of a figure in a particular space depends largely on this abstracting process which derives particular from universal. The human mind has acquired, a power which enables it to abstract from universality of ideas and it aspires to consider a meaning for him self individually. This process of perception in our modern society is followed by an inverse process which is in a way its mirror image. In this the particular abstracted from the universal is returned to the universal. These two modes of perception andprehensions and their mental genesis remains physically a mysterious process and has been a source for meditation in arts. They are reflected in two antinomian modes of perception of universe as Space and Time. In this discourse a perception which culminates within time is Space and which culminates outside time, that is in space is Time i.e. space here being all that is not time. This transmutation of time in the Space and space into time takes place on the canvass of Swami nathan and within the individual space of the spectator while watching the canvass of Swami nathan.

The beauty of swami nathan canvass lies in the figures and their juxtaposing with respect to each other through which they attain validity. They are just not seeking meaning due to their interrelations but they present themselves in our experience through a construction in specific Space Timepositions and through their own unique existence.The powerful exposition of colour by swaminathan makes our experience, intense, dense and permanent. Through the outer paraphernalia created by him in we are able to construct and inner universe within. The simplicity of Swami nathan's universe is also reflected in his nature. His paintings transport his universe into s to run away tearing apart a solid boundary or some times both the Bird and the Rock break open a Space to liberate into an infinite. Like a mysterious dream the Bird of Swami nathan who has just taken Birth on the canvass almost half born dissolves into the shadow of death. It seems that Bird at once embraces half life and half death before disappearing in the dense cloud of nothingness. The Mountains and pieces of scattered Rock, lonely Trees stand apart some times awake and sometime half a sleep dissolving in our memory. The continuity of life and cyclic appearance of life and death which are inseparable and coexists, cohabitate the swami's canvases. They represent the universal cosmic process which is symbolically transferred from memory of Swami nathan to our consciousness.The mental spaces which are filled with birds, Sky and Mountains participate in our consciousness; they become part of our inner experience. It looks that Birds are not birds and instead of mountains there are only forms floating in Space, dissolving and transforming lyrically leaving fenced rigid boundaries of space and Time and continuously trying to merge into each other. In these works technically there are figures like Bird, shadow of Birds, Trees, Hillocks, and pieces of scattered Rocks which appear grow and Proportionally get into a sequential transformation before vanishing into a Dark Space. These works contribute a new spiritual dimension to the Swami nathan's Art and have simplicity like Upanishads. In one of the painting a bird undergoes a series of transformations and ultimately turns into a blue spherical figure which is standing alone in space in simultaneity of his own coexisistance as a shadow. The sphere is seamless and likely to burst into nothingness. The cosmology behind such imagery significances that in the continuity of creative transformations in this cosmos. The ultimate destruction is also a creative possibility. In watching these paintings we can dissolve our petty egoistic existence into the cosmos universal consciousness and can experience. The omnipotent strength in our self which is omnipresence.This Drama of transformation of our petty self into a cosmic self makes these works outstanding.

Shailendra Tiwari

absolutearts portfolios/s/shailendra">absolutearts portfolios/s/shailendra

Shailendra_Tiwari Shailendra_Tiwari

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